Thursday, September 18, 2008

Somewhere on a beach in Spain

Graduated ND and warming filter. The good ol way.

We ended up driving along the coast because we were done with the tolls on the highways. Besides the fact that we had no money for the highways, they were considerably less scenic than the coastal road which we found out. This was driving from the South of France to Spain, it was raining earlier in the morning in San Sabastian, where I might add 'the driver' drove through a red light (the street lights are almost every 20m, very strange the spanish are), and was stopped by a cop on a motorbike, luck was on our side and he let us go with a gesture of the hand.

We were in a small town where everyone spoke Basque, a language similar to spanish but not at all the same. They actually dont like the spanish because they took all their land from them..
No waves so we didnt stay for very long, had a skate on a half pipe and kept driving along the sea.


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