Thursday, September 18, 2008

The moon hanging over the earthdance celebration, watching hundreds of thousands of people all dancing together to celebrate the beauty of the world.
The english weather gave me a chance to experience mud in a whole new way. It was a mild taste of it because it only rained the first night (plus a few days before the weekend), more than enough moisture to let hundreds of trucks and cars going in and out make a mess of the land. It gave me a proper experience of the game 'stuck in the mud'.
I might have prefered wearing gum boots for three days only because at night it was a bit chilly but being an African gave me some advantage, I'd like to thank the sun for burning the tar for burning my feet plenty of times, I'd like to thank all the walks to sandy bay and more importantly my dad for being a hippie.

No but really the music was insane, 6 stages: 3 heavy trance and phy trance tents, main stage of a mixture, why am i carrying on, live bands here and there, beatboxing that ive never seen before and loads of people tripping out having a proper party.
The sun was shining, the tent was freezing, my feet were wet and there were more jugglers there than monkeys in a tree.

With all of that in mind, i would have much rather been in cape town.


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