Friday, September 19, 2008

In memory of stinky

this was a drawing i did then took a picture of it under a dim bathroom tungsten lamp, put it on the computer, then took a picture of my beetle that I shot and stuck it behind him in memory of my car.
Yes 'Stinky', is being sold because of his old age. When people get old they get thrown into an old age home but when cars get old they go to the dump. Many missions and adventures he has joined us on, ricardo knows what I mean. How many good times we had together.
He was a friend
He will not be forgotten

The horse and the man

There is something about this picture, maybe its the colours, maybe the awesomeness of the sky or maybe it was the place and time of the picture. It was a misty saturday morning and the trees on the hill grabbed my attention, as though they were all lots of little people that were sitting on the hill the whole night just watching us. Always awake and all enduring of the weather and the people and the music.
the whole picture gives me the idea of the fact that nature and our world is so much bigger than anything in our lives and everything we as humans are, although in the same way we are part of the picture but watching and trying to learn from the wild beast that is mother nature.


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