Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Colours make us happy. I wonder why. It must be what colours represent to each person.
How one thing can you happy while the same thing makes someone else cry. Amazing how we
are so intricately detialed beneath the skin. inteeresting how we see none of which happens inside anyway. A funny thing skin is. Creates wars, arguments, restrictions of what a person is allowed to do. Arent we all born free?? Then why should the skin which we have no choice over determine the way society looks at a person. Judgement in a split second. we're all guilty, human nature is a common excuse. Works with most of the world doesnt it. you do something wrong and most of the time you can just blame it on the bigger picture of the human race. Never considering that maybe you could think for yourself and realise that this is not the right thing to do, or that this situation is in my control. I think the people of the world will forever question the nature of humans. Who knows hey. Not me, I just put lots of words together in a line and hope for the best.

Life would be so simple if all there was were trees. If we were trees. Stuck in a place, taking thousands of years just to see over the hill that has forever been so inconveniently placed from the start. A victim of circumstance.
Sitting on a bench is a lovely place to be. Temporarily stationary but yet on the move to somewhere new. A checkpoint where everything passes by as you sit and watch, as if a tree. Watching quietly as the world carries on around you. No involvement but to watch as things come and go, change and rearrange. As you stand up you immediately return to being completely involved in everything around you. As though you could have just popped into the world through a time warp. Entering the world from another galaxy. The funny thing is that people wouldn't even know. This is the beauty of a bench, the beauty of all benches. Just a thought.


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