Sunday, October 16, 2005

sunday bloody sunday

today is indeed a day, i feel like writing some random stuff so bear with me.
well firstly i am in milton keynes right now, about 45min from london. really cool place it seems to be. It has indeed shown me a good eventful week. met some lovely people, made some lovely friends and now it seems my time has almost run out. I leave on Tuesday to go back to london where I shall stay with my dear friend Ricardo, my other half if you will. who knows from there...

I feel as though the night gives me this energy of creativity that i definately cannot explain. Maybe thats why I love night photography so much. I'm so inspired by the silence. Its a full moon tonight, i cant keep track of it anymore. I think the FUll MOON was last night though, whatever. The moon is big, look outside. I love it.

I miss the beach. One thing i was thinking of today was La Med. Those perfect sunday evenings looking over the ocean. Still a bit of twilight blowing me away, not really wanting to be around all those random people but still wanting to enjoy it. Seeing every single person you know and most of the time not wanting to speak to them but you end up having this intensely awkward converse of completely random shit that you really could have done without. Oh how i miss it... haha, dont miss that part at all.

I wish we didnt have to have those random conversations, it seems so unneccessay. I cant think of one since I've been away. Thank god. seeing as i was at a god camp for 4 months, he was around.

I've taken no good photos for a while now so thats why the site is very dry, in case you were wondering, whoever you are.
I've decided that i'm never gonna go home. IM stuck out here in the big wide confusing world with nothing but my camera and my backpack. Wish me luck for i may need it. Mybe ill become a fisherman, I've always liked fish. Oh and by the way they say you should eat 3 oily fish a week, or was it a day.. it contains omega3 which is some good stuff for the body.
ONe thing i've learnt from these oily english creatures is their infatuation with the drink they call 'tea'. It seems like it controls their entire being, a form of energy if you will. I shall look more into it and try and figure out its true purpose. until then..

the babbling must stop.
Friends, wherever your journey currently stands, i wish you luck, all the luck i could possibly posess. For this may be the last you hear of my thoughts, i may soon be lost to the doom of the earth. I fear it too, i will be strong, i will fight till my last dreary breath. Ian, young sir, produce what your mind desires, music, it will be the answer to our conquest very soon. You know how i feel and what I've said.. do not be afraid.
George, you are but a lost soul that desires to bask in the sun of the cape, do not deny your mind. step forth and be what you speak, you are a ship my friend, a similar ship you once told me of. Let your sail see the light of day.
It has come, the time I step back in order to let the race begin. I shall not compete the pits of doom for i know the king shall reign forth and deny such virtues. Maybe a week shall pass and thine be broken in rain in the sight foreseen. Possibly a trick of the mind, nay, the mind does not trick its own, but it is the world that blinds the intelect of rationality. It will be this moment when all you know, all you think you know, will be undone and the truth revealed forth.
let not your mind believe these weak, misleading words, for the lines will tell of a distant world within their own.

good luck with all that, i lost it for a second.
Dont forget to do a little dance before you go to bed.



Anonymous james

tripper of note!- shot for the comment dude, it is really awesome to gt a message from you, i dunno what happend with the whole you callin my dad and he saying i was at your house thing, cos i told him specifically before i left to go to your house, "dad if ross calls dont tell him i went to his house okay". i dont beleive for one second you not comin bac to the cape, please man no one can resist the cape town vibration.
peace bruv woooooow.

9:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous

that was some beautiful writing...

9:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous

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10:52 PM  

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