Sunday, October 02, 2005


well ive been here for a week and its great. london is so cool. i prefer it to america but still love america dont get me wrong. what to say. im in an internet cafe and surrounded by random people that are doing random stuff just like i am random to them. its a world of random shit. funny that is.
hope cape town is beautiful as always. i was thinking about the beach today and how i miss surfing and sitting on the beaqcdh in the sun worrying only about nothing. damn i love cape town. soon ill be back and in my element.
its getting really cold over here, not so cool but not that bad either. its a nice change. lots of clothes and scarfs and sniffles.
hope friends are all good. party on.
by the way i love to dance so much.

have fun, i will.


Anonymous Anonymous

when you get back??

7:35 PM  
Anonymous Seabass

Cape Town misses Ross Hillier too, and cannot wait for his return. On this side of the equator it is now getting warmer, the sun is shinning and the vibes are good in preparation for your arrival. The photo's are amazing the adventures are interesting.

Ross thanx for the call the other night it was so nice to hear your voice again, damn ive realised one thing this year Cape town is only as beatiful as the people who live in it. And for me this year Cape Town has been far less beatiful than before. I fear not though as i know it is soon to be restored to its former beauty. Damn i miss you guys!

Im just sitting in the computer centre at varsity between lectures and thought id check out "the site" stoked with your new photos, you are going places my man.

I've been working hard this last semester but hard work pays off and my marks have been far better. Next year I start specializing so it's going to be really from that point of view and with you guys returning, it seem as though next year is really going to be a good one.

Ross i shall be on "the site" soon and drop a comment or two along the way. but until then keep it tidy and dont forget Cape Town loves Ross Hillier.

8:31 AM  

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