Monday, September 12, 2005

september 11th --- weird

whoa its sept 11th and im in america. wow.

well let me describ e my surroundings... sitting in boston somewhere in a small apartment which is really very cool. sitting in a green leathered chair with 3 dudes sitting around me watching american football while i sit on the computer, definatley dont like american football. well. last night was loads of fun. went down to a friends apt from camp where we proceeded to drink for no other reason thaqn to celebrate life. the event came to an end then we had to walk home. it took about and hour. probably the best part of the night. crazy shit.

james, i feel you're the only one who comes here so hi. i put you on my links page on my site. i really love your site. love the pics, wish i was there.

tomorrow i leave here and take the bus to storrs connecticut. to the uni there where i shall meet some friends there and have a good time i hope. ive been away from my home for exactly 3 months, it feels like a lifetime.

love you gotta go


Anonymous Anonymous


Ahoy. I fuckin love this site. With yours and james' combined you guys could be invinceable.
A select few highly trained individuals with the power to write words of glory.
If I get my act together I may even build a site of my own, instead of doing it for other people. I lie awake (in the pavement) almost every night, dreaming about all the stuff we can accomplish back home. Morbid bought a video cam with a casing, Gonna make the finest surf movie ever seen by mankind. Check the scene dude, Bettys bay at sunset, outdoor screen, projector, beers, you, me and everyone we know. Rob thinks we should call it Bettys bay freedom festival 2005. I agree.
Most definitely

Love everyone who is reading this (unless you are stupid)


12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous

hey dork!Thought id let you know, i read your journal as well. Hope your safe and partying hard in Europe!
love Mish**

2:43 PM  
Anonymous james

haha you see brother i is not the only one checkin your journal, is all of us yes, stoked we all so well connected and we live fuckloads of thousands of millimetres apart, that goes out ot you and chris, fuckin stoked to have beer and roadtrip with you ppl when you get back! i am actually getting more and more stoked as i write this, it never occured to me how incredible it was to have such perfect communication between friends so far apart, so stoked. lovin the betties bay vid idea, maybe we should just do a fuckoff roadtrip documentary film. from elands bay to jefferies bay. but whateva, as long as we can hit some surf and some beer and i can play on my didjeridoo. peeace out to all those reading

10:04 PM  

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