Saturday, September 24, 2005


Woah. London is incredible and ive been here for only 3 days. right now im sitting on the floor in a small house in the countryside of england, Surrey. Chris is eating pustachios and i csant seem to get my camera to load up my pictures of todays adventure. speaking of adventures, last night was insanity. we went out to a place called Zoo bar in leicester square. rad place and it was a rwal good time. ended up not sleeping the whole night. James got punched by an asian girl and some other arab dude. he put in a few hits too. george and i ended up at his old bar at the late hours of the night and we thought chris and james had gotten arrested. we clearly were not very phased at the time, it was like, Oh ok. i cant say what else happened on here so im gonna stop now.

well chris and i are starting a website about music photography and design, news, and whatever else. busy designing now. its gonna rock the fuck out of the world.

gonna go exploring on monday in london see whats out there. gonna get a cell phone so people can call me. doubt that would happen. rock on james. we love your site, big ups to you.
well gotta go now. oh and chris and i also recored some stuff and it sounds so sweet, even though my guitar skills are not so good. we gonna do some vocals tonight.

Have Fun


Anonymous Anonymous

I'm just looking around and found you....nice little blog it is too :-).. most of my time goes on my Adware related site Adware is my

6:28 PM  
Anonymous james

london is the business hey! stoked you still checkin my space. so seriously wanna contribute to the design/photography/music site, maybe i can just email some stuff to you people.
you have no idea how badly i really wanna be up there with you people in london. i also wanna get hit by asians, hehe if you know what i mean! cant wait to see you people in the future -the jam man

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous

Ross Hillier is basicly the coolest dude iv ever met from south africa... true story. The Pictures on your site are amazing. The artistic quality is like professional you should sell that shit.

Much Love,
Jeff Crimmin
(CCL Unit 3 counselor 2K5)

send me an email sometime if you get a chance...

8:31 PM  

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