Saturday, June 18, 2005

In America

Hello there. Im in america and its wonderful. My trip was from SA to London, saw a bit of london town which was wonderful. then to Newark which is in New Jersey(very Humid). Stayed a night in New Jersey and then off to NYC in the morning. Walked around New York For a few hours which blew my mind and then caught a bus to Boston. Made a call and then just made the bus to West Ossipee, New Hamshire. Got picked up and went to camp calumet and now im there.
Incredible forests everywhere. I wake up next to a lake, could i ask for more. The smell of wet pine needles engulfs my senses every morning as i run to breakfast. It really feels like a dream. I think im still dreaming and the only time im really alive is when im dreaming. Maybe our entire lives are only dreams and thats why we are able to do what ever we want. We can manipulate our worlds to adjust to exactly what we want. There are no boundaries. No limitations to what we can do. That must be it. well then goodnight.


Anonymous james

lower your crack dose just a lil bit before you write in the journal
stoked that you digging it bro

8:39 PM  
Anonymous Seabass

Ross cool to hear you made it. Sounds like you are dealing with a bit of a sensory overload. Sound very beautiful where you are staying, I know exactly which smell you are talking about what a stoke. Must have been amazing to see the big apple with you own eyes. Did you get to see Central Park? Ill keep in touch though. Work hard but have fun. Remember what I said please experience the place with all your senses dont just be there. sounds like you are though.

Keep safe


8:45 PM  

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