Wednesday, June 22, 2005

cape town

Thanks james ill take your advise. geek.
we went on a hike 2 days ago up to zealand mountain, not that means anything to anyone anywhere, but we did. lots of views and eye candy for me, not for others obviously. got some cool shots hopefully. Josh you reminded about what we spoke about and i took it all in man. completely, it was great. there are all these crazy americas. rednecks.
It was a full moon last night and i was blown away again. i dont think you can get enough of the moon. its like a sunset, its always really very really very awesome.
always yes. i think im going insane. no worries. Josh hello, how are you doing, this is all for you it is. the pictures are coming, give me a few days and then prepare to be blown away. crazy place this america is. tell ian to check his mail, more details. hope you are all well and doing what you do. i still dont really know if im really in america.. i got to do some work now now, come now. haha. hello to everyone else who maybe be reading this and i hope you are good too.
loads of people arrived yesterday and there are still loads more to come. its gonna be loads of fun but i really cant wait to get to do some travelling. Long time before i do that though.
James, if you are there, when are you (and the rest of you) going home from england??

I miss the sunny skies of cape town and yearn for a sunny bike ride to the beach with oly a t shirt. sitting on the beach listening to winter chill from an old cd player and having no worries in the world. all i have are my dreams..

enjoy every second, take a deep breath. bye


Blogger James

ahooyys bru, cant believe how hard we been surfing latley, seriously considerin droppin out of uni and surfin my life away. me luke and floyd went roadtrippin to elands bay. got the most awesome waves ever, before sunrise. lank hard to put a wet wetsuit on when the sun hasnt risen in winter, but soooooo worth it. have you spotted any american people so far yet? if you havent keep your eyes open and stay aware, you never know they might just jump out from behind a mc donalds or something! good luck and farewell globe trekker

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